How To Cook Brisket On Gas Grill? 4 Recommended Brisket Recipes

Mastering how to grill a brisket is not simple, but it is not impossible if you understand what is going on. There are several methods for completing this task correctly; one of them would be making the best recipe for brisket on gas grill.

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    Most home chefs will tell you that doing this task on a charcoal grill will be the best way, but that is not true; depending on the measures you take, gas grills can undertake this operation as well.

    In this post, we will go over the procedures for making the ideal brisket on your gas barbecue, as well as explore if there are any other options.

    How To Cook Brisket On Gas Grill?

    grilled meat on bbq
    Grilled Briskets Are Served At Many Restaurants.

    Is it possible to make excellent brisket at your home? Yes, it can be done with our six useful steps based on our experience on how to cook brisket on gas grill. 

    In addition, we have some tips after trying to make this dish many times at home. Just follow our guide, and you will never fail at making brisket!

    Step 1: Setting Up Your Gas Grill For Smoking And Cooking

    Set Cooking Temperatures

    Check to see whether you have adequate gas. Have a backup tank in case you don’t get lucky. 

    The average grill temperatures throughout the indirection is 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit if we simply turn on a grill burner.

    If you have a 2- or 3-burner grill, start with a primary burner on medium and observe how it works. Some grills include vents, which you may use to your advantage.

    If your grill just has only one burner, placing a big pan on top of the grates and covering it with a particular rack is a necessary thing to do. 

    Put On A Drip Pan

    Your pieces of meat are generally high in fat and can ruin your grill. You should only put a thin expandable aluminum pan under the grill grates. 

    If there isn’t enough cooking space between the grates and the hot rocks or flavoring bars for a thin pan, place it on the top of the grates indirectly and cover it with a rack.

    cover meat with jack
    Cover It With A Rack

    To make the pan match, notch it slightly. Allowing the grill rack to hold the pan and exert pressure on the items underneath is not a good idea. It would be quite hazardous.

    Create Smoke

    The Average Grill Temperature Is About 225 Degrees.
    The Average Grill Temperature Is About 225 Degrees.

    If you are fortunate, your grill has an integrated smoking box. If that is not the case, you also have some options.

    You can create a pouch out of massive aluminum foil wrap with some tiny holes and set it over a high-level burner until it smokes before turning it down.

    Step 2: Picking Up A Perfect Brisket

    Brisket is a slide of beef that comes from the bottom chest. There are deep pectoral and superficial muscles inside the brisket. Because cows do not have any collarbone, these muscles sustain roughly 60% of a mature cow’s body weight.

    beef cut
    Brisket Is One Of The Most Delicious Part Of A Cow.

    Because all of that labor creates a lot of fibrous tissue, the goal of grilling a beef brisket is to melt them. This melting collagen process will give you significant results.

    Entire briskets are normally vacuum packaged for the suppliers, and their weight ranges between 9 and 13 pounds, which is much more beef for cooking for two unless you are having a party. A typical serving size is 12 pounds per person.

    Half briskets are what we recommend buying. There are two sides: a “flat” and a “point” half. In general, the point part has two parts of the muscle, whereas the flat one has only one layer. 

    the point and the flat
    Both Point And Flat Are Great Options

    We like flats since we don’t have to struggle with the multiple layers, but either option is great. 

    Most “point” slices surrounding us may contain a flat layer, and there are typically two layers, but the point layer is the top part. This point may be a little more tendentious.

    Step 3: Separating The Deckle From The Flat

    Notice that the muscle fibers do not run in one orientation. If both deckle and flat are left unchanged, it is difficult to cut the flesh against the grain.

    Separating the deckle from flat solves the evenness problem. To do so, follow these steps:

    • If you glance at one-half of the brisket, you will notice a line of grease going through it.
    • Lay the brisket on something like a cutting board.  By cutting in between the fat layer surrounding the flat and the flesh of the deckle by a sharp knife, you may slice between the muscle bundles.
    Brisket flat and point
    Separate The Deckle From The Flat
    • Make sure that you still keep enough fat on the flat half after removing the deckle.
    • Remove the fat cap out of the flat and deckle to a thickness of approximately ¼ inch.

    Splitting the deckle from its flat has the benefit of shortening the brisket’s cooking process.

    Step 4: Seasoning The Meat

    Season The Meat With Dry Rub
    Season The Meat With Dry Rub

    Lay the meat on a baking sheet one hour before prepping the grill. Season all the cuts of meat with your favorite dry rub in a shallow dish. 

    Ensure there’s lots of salt, a fiery spice like chiles or cayenne pepper, and some sweeteners like brown sugar in the rub. Or you can use as many different types of dry rubs as you want.

    However, to make a specialty brisket recipe, you should follow the mentioned ingredients. Let the meat sit for one hour to come to room temperature.

    Preheat the gas grill by setting all burners to high before beginning to cook the brisket. Then, turn off all the grill’s burners once it’s hot. Allow the grates to cool for a few minutes over the burners. 

    Step 5: Cooking The Brisket

    Cover The Gas Grill With A Nap And Begin To Cook
    Cover The Gas Grill With A Nap And Begin To Cook

    Put the brisket chunks on the grates with a layer of fat up. Turn on the hot grill with the burners blazing underneath it by controlling the valve button.

    Cover with a nap and begin to cook. Maintain a temperature of 225°F to 250°F within the grill during the next few hours. Maintaining adequate heat source is critical for a successful outcome. 

    Meanwhile, make a tasty liquid sauce and rub it over your beef brisket every 30 minutes. This sauce can be about anything and has sparked a lot of discussions. Our suggestion is a mixture of pineapple juice and beer. 

    Step 6: Digging Your Creation

    This is the most enjoyable part: savoring your delicate, delectable, savory creation!

    Cooked Brisket
    Cooked Brisket

    Pro Tips For Brisket On Gas Grill

    1. The most essential element of grilling a brisket on grill is setting up the gas barbeque for low and slow cookery, as well as smoking.
    2. You may use whatever rub you like, but you can try our suggestion of brisket rub above.
    3. We generally grill for an hour, but you can go longer as you want.
    4. Adding water to a drip pan will usually help maintain meat moist.
    5. The cooking process varies greatly, but a starting point of one and a half hours per pound is a reasonable place to start when estimating your cooking time.
    6. After grilling, wrap and set aside for 1-2 hours.
    7. You will need to cut against the grain.
    8. Indirect heat is required in cooking brisket, which means the source of heat is not directly beneath the meat.
    9. Although this recipe scales nicely, you will have to spend about 12-15 hours to cook an entire brisket so do not be surprised if your brisket takes too long.
    10. You can store the entire brisket for 3 to 4 days in the fridge and 3 to 4 months in the freezer. It ensures that your piece of meat is still fresh after a long time.

    Recommended Recipes To Make With Brisket

    Brisket is a rough piece of beef derived from a cow’s chest area, which typically falls apart when cooked long and slow. Gourmets favor brisket cooked slow over coals and wood.

    Here are our five brisket recipes for you to try at your home.

    #1. 12-Hour BBQ Beef Brisket

    Briskets are not hard to cook, despite their length. While this recipe for barbecue brisket takes staggering 12-hour cooking, don’t be startled if your beef requires another or two hours.

    #2. Texas-Style Smoked Brisket With Coleslaw And Barbecue Sauce

    Most brisket recipes employ a hot-smoking approach, which involves using a direct source of heat. Cold smoking, which is another method employed by some smoked goods manufacturers, involves generating smoke in a chamber separate from the object to be smoked.

    #3. Burgers Made With Slaw, Brisket, Cheddar, And Comeback Sauce

    The comeback sauce is a Mississippi chili, and mayonnaise mixture that can be used to dip the food in or mix salad; we garnish our slaw with it for a little spice.

    #4. Brisket With Sherry-Glazed Mushrooms

    Because brisket tastes best when cooked slowly, it’s perfect for do-ahead partying.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching brisket recipes.

    Should You Roast Brisket With Fat-Side Up Or Down?

    Both ways are hotly disputed issues in the barbeque world. We’re here to put an end to the debate: it’s better to roast fat-side down. 
    Many people believe that if brisket is grilled fat-side up, the fat releases, and the brisket spontaneously braises, which is incorrect. This is because with so many grills which are vertically offset, fat-side down is the way to go.

    Why Did My Brisket Turn Tough?

    You get dry and tough brisket if you roast the meat too soon. When you slowly roast brisket with a certain liquid, the collagen (a kind of connective tissue found in brisket) transforms into gelatin, creating a tougher meat texture.

    Which Factor Causes My Brisket Dry?

    The circumstances in which the meat was cooked might sometimes result in a dry brisket. Grilling brisket at high temperatures for a long period is the main reason causing your brisket to become  dry.


    Making the great brisket is a work of art, and many home chefs believe that a charcoal grill seems to be the only approach to get it right. There are innumerable different meals that may be made with a gas grill or perhaps an oven. 

    Another method is to braise it, which is the basic method in some regions and produces a delicious end product. Still, mastering how to prepare a brisket on gas grill is advantageous since it saves you a great deal of time and works compared to cooking over coals.

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