How To Clean A Grill In 6 Steps – Why You Should Not Leave Your Grill Dirty

Is it necessary to know how to clean a grill? Our answer is yes! Believe us! You surely don’t want to get a bad experience with a dirty grill!

Right below, we will explain to you the reason why you should not leave your grill dirty. Also, we share with you 6 easy steps to clean a BBQ grill. Just scroll down and read! You will then understand how essential a clean grill is.

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Why Should You Not Leave Your Grill Dirty?

A dirty grill can bring a terrible nightmare to you! How bad is it? Settle down and we will let you in on all the possible horrendous outcomes.

Grease stains will stick to the grill.

After you finish cooking your meat, some grease that did not completely burn off will stick to the bottom of the grill, solidifying and turning into hideous stains. Worse, these stains can still catch flame and burn, which leads to terrible fire hazards.

Your meat will taste weird.

When you cook your meat, some parts of it will stick to the grill. If you don’t clean the tool, that part will stay there and transform into old gunk, resulting in something we would call a ghost of bad taste haunting your grill.

Problems then ensue when you grill your next food. The lingering horrid taste instantly moves from the gunk to your food. As a consequence, the food will not be as delicious as it should be.

Bacteria appear.

Grease stains and leftover food on the grill are the ideal places for the bacteria to grow. Especially in the warm condition, the bacteria can spread out quickly, thus becoming strong enough to withstand high heat. In other words, the number of bacteria will be so big that the grilling heat could not kill all of them.

The best way to prevent bacteria is to leave no condition for them to grow. By making your grill clean, stains and leftover food will be washed away. Of course, clean grills means clean BBQ meat. You will never have to worry about bacteria anymore!


Carcinogens cause cancer.

Meat that has a high amount of fat will leave a lot of carcinogens on the grill once burned. Carcinogens are one of the common bad substances that cause cancer. If you clean your grill in the wrong way, those bad substances may not completely getaway. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean a grill so that you can get rid of all those carcinogens.

Mold will pay a visit to your grill.

It is needless to say that moisture, dark areas, and grease are always the best conditions for mold. So if you don’t keep your cooking tool clean, prepare to see some bad gifts that the mold gives to it.

If mold appears on your grill, getting rid of it can be one heck of a struggle. In the worst scenario, you will have to throw your utensil away and replace it with a new product. Of course, losing money is not the situation that every consumer wants to fall in.

So if you can not fix the issue, why don’t you prevent it from happening? The best way to do that is to wash the grill regularly and let it dry. Since your cooking tool is clean, you will not have to be afraid of mold.

How to clean your grill in 6 steps.

Now you understand why you should keep your grill clean, right? What you should do now is to learn how to clean a grill correctly right away. Of course, we will help you with our 6 easy steps!

Step 1: Cool down the grill.

No one wants to get burned just because of washing a grill. That’s why you should cool down the tool before cleaning it.

This step is not hard to do. You can put the grill away from the flame source and place it in a cool area. Wait about an hour for the grill to cool dry.

On the other hand, you can prepare a bowl of cool water and soak the grill in that bowl. Wait about 5 – 10 minutes, and you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Open the grill and take out all parts of it.

The next thing you have to do is open your cooking tool and disassemble it into all separate parts. If you do this, you will need less effort to see and work with its main grill chamber. This main part often has grates where heavy meat particles usually stick and fat usually land.

To do this step, you must first open the grill hood and take the grates out. And then, divide these parts into their own group. For example, hood – grates – lock. That will help you avoid losing tool pieces while cleaning.

In case you use a propane gas grill BBQ, make sure that you disassemble the metal heat diffusers of it. These parts contact burners when you cook so that they may have greases stuck on.

Step 3: Wash the grill box carefully.

The grill box is the interior part of the grill. While you are cooking, many greases and meat usually fall into this box. Therefore, do not forget to clean it.

Some food even sticks onto the 4 sides of the box and ends up turning into bad gunks. Due to this reason, you should use a knife to scrape all those gunk down.

When there is no gunk on 4 sides, you should pump water into the box and remove all meat and grease away. After that, use soap and a towel to wash the box by hand. You can wear a couple of gloves in order to avoid making your hands dirty.

For charcoal and wood pellet grills, you should remember to remove the ash from the tool as well. Typically, ash will appear in the coal trays and flame boxes, preventing the airflow. That will result in low heat in the following grilling turn. As a consequence, you will not be able to completely cook your food. In the worst case, ash can cause problems to the pellet system, leading to fire hazards. Hence, always keep an eye on those places while washing the grill.

Step 4: Wash all the tubes of the grill burner.

In case you have a grill that uses gas, washing the tubes of the burner will be the next important thing you cannot miss. As greases often fall in these tubes, they may get clogged and make weak flames. An easy sign that tells when the tubes are clogged is the color of fire. Instead of blue as usual, the fire color will be orange.

Normally, a gas tool can have one or more burner tubes. However, you only need one method to clean all of them. All you need to do is to wash the tiny holes of the tubes with either a nylon or a steel brush. As you can get rid of all obstacles, air will be able to move inside the tubes. And your heat level will be back to normal.

Step 5: Wash all grates of the grill.

The rest that you should clean are the grates of the grill. Soak the grates into a bowl of water and soap. After about 20 minutes, take them out and use a nylon brush to clean. In case the dirt is so stubborn, you can soak the grates in the water and leave them there for about a day. As all the stains lose, removing them will be more simple.

Step 6: Reassemble the grill and keep it clean.

When all jobs are completed, what you should do now is to install all grill parts together. Make sure that there is no loss of any tool piece. Otherwise, the grill will not be able to function correctly.

Also, we want you to keep in kind that the cleaning work is not only about how you wash the tool but also about how you protect it from dirty obstacles. Therefore, you should also clean your storage, where you used to place the grill. The storage should be dry, clean, and have no dust.

If you take care of your grill well, we believe that it will always serve you in the best condition!

Final Thoughts

If you don’t keep your grill clean, then you know what terrible things will happen. We are very sure that you don’t want that bad experience to come to you. So, always remember and follow our 6 steps! They are the easiest steps that we have summed up.

In case you have other useful methods, please share those with us! We always want to learn more tips about how to clean a grill, so that we can help all people, especially BBQ lovers!

It would be so nice to have your support! Many thanks!

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