How to buy the best vertical pellet smoker in 2021

Are you looking for ways to achieve that smoky flavor on your pork chops and tenderloins? Having the best vertical pellet smoker helps!

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Pellet grills help you smoke, bake, and barbecue wood-fired flavored food with ease. Yet, with countless products coming out recently, finding the perfect fit might not be an easy task. For that reason, we have created a list of all the best vertical pellet smokers for you to consider.

Buying guide on how to buy the best vertical pellet smoker

Why should you buy a vertical pellet smoker?

  1. Easy to use
  • You can use both fuel and smoking wood with this cooking appliance. This quality helps customers save a lot of time in finding the appropriate smoking materials. Choose from a wide range of 100% natural wood pellet flavors, and you are ready for the BBQ party!
  • Cooking on a pellet smoker is very similar to using an oven. All you have to do is set the target temperature and let your gadget do the work.
  1. Heat regulation
  • Thanks to their built-in control panel, pellet smokers allow great adjustability during use.
  • There are multiple features to regulate temperature with ease. The auger, for example, maintains the target temperature while supplying pellets simultaneously.
  • Moreover, the fan-forced air automatically controls your combustion airflow while smoking. This feature creates a convection cooking environment, bringing even-heated outcomes.
  1. Versatile
  • Pellet smokers have a wide range of applications both in ingredients and cooking styles.
  • With one pellet smoker, you can cook, smoke, bake, and barbecue simultaneously.
  • Besides, every pellet smoker is shaped like an oven. This design makes it easier for customers to use and experiment with a wide variety of ingredients.

Why should you not buy a vertical pellet smoker?

  • Not good in wet condition
  • Pellet smokers run on electricity, making them vulnerable to water damage. This characteristic is very inconvenient for maintenance since cooking usually involves liquids. 
  • Moreover, it makes it riskier to leave your pellet smoker outside. 
  • Rain can easily damage the machine’s electronics and connectors  as much as high humidity can cause the wood pellets to swell and crumble. 
  • Needs a lot of cleaning
  • This quality can be a major turn-off for many customers who prefer low-maintenance appliances. However, it is crucial to keep in mind before buying that pellet smokers need a lot of cleaning.
  • Due to its built-in design, a pellet smoker can store a large amount of grease. 
  • Not only that but, the fire pot fan can blow a lot of dust that gets stuck underneath the heat deflector area. If you refuse to clean your appliance, grease and dust can build up over time and damage it.
  • We recommend cleaning your pellet smoker regularly with a shop vac. This accessory sucks out all the grease and residues with ease. Also, it is advisable to disassemble the machine for maintenance every once and again.

What factors should you look for when buying vertical pellet smokers?

  • Brand

Nowadays, many brands try to replicate vertical pellet smokers without the appropriate technology. This phenomenon has oversaturated the outdoor cooking industry with unreliable items. 

We recommend investing your money in products from highly regarded brands and reliable retailers.

  • Portability

Many people use pellet smokers at outdoor BBQ parties or picnics. Therefore, easy mobility is necessary when it comes to finding the right fit.

Usually, you can fold the smoker’s legs for easy transportation. Some brands even make specifically small and portable gadgets for on-the-go purposes. 

However, please note that this pellet appliance type runs on a power of 110V.

  • Price

Vertical pellet smokers are generally more expensive than regular outdoor cooking appliances. Be sure to research the product carefully before buying so that you can make the best out of your investment!

  • Build quality

Build quality is one of the most important factors when purchasing pellet smokers. Showy, polished, and expensive products don’t always equal high build quality.

We recommend doing your own research and consulting other professionals to make the best choice. However, a rule of thumb is strong build quality boosts your product’s durability and performance. 

Tips on using vertical pellet smokers

  • Tip #1: Pellet smokers can accommodate almost every type of natural wood. However, different ingredients require different types of wood.
    For example, Hickory wood is best for pork and chicken, but not for seafood. Likewise, Mesquite is a good option for beef and briskets, but not for mild poultry and ribs.
  • Tip #2: Use a thermometer for extra accuracy in timing. This simple but useful tool makes it easier to test your meat’s internal temperature and saves you the inconvenience of opening the cooking chamber.
  • Tip #3: Use the upper smoking racks to place the meat further from the heat source. This trick makes sure the meat is smoked by convection instead of radiant heat, producing a more even cooking result.
  • Tip #4: It is advisable to smoke your meat straight out of the fridge to create a smokier flavor. The colder your protein is, the better the smoky flavor it will have!
  • Tip #5: Clean your pellet smoker regularly for long-term use. Grease and dust often build up in the area underneath the fan and heat deflector.

Recommendations for the best vertical pellet smoker

PIT BOSS PB7000SP Pellet Smoker – Most versatile

The PIT BOSS PB7000SP is easily the best pellet smoker in terms of versatility.

With a temperature range from 150°F to 420°F, it can cook anything. From smoking peppers to barbecuing pork chops and briskets, this pellet smoker makes sure never to disappoint. 

The expansive cooking capacity of 1853 square inches means that you will never run out of space to experiment with new ingredients. Besides versatility, the PIT BOSS smoker is incredibly convenient.

You can apply almost every wood type to this machine, as long as it is natural. Thanks to this quality, there is no need to waste time shopping around for the right kind of materials. 

Moreover, this pellet smoker comes with six adjustable cooking racks. With them, you can smoke, roast, bake, braise, and barbecue without spending any extra money on accessories.

Last but not least, the food this smoker produces is of premium quality. By featuring an arched drip plate and heat diffuser, it creates an ideal convection cooking environment. This characteristic helps heat to distribute evenly and makes sure the meat comes out on point.

Considering all the benefits this pellet smoker offers, it is no surprise it is frequently sold out. We recommend checking the brand’s website regularly not to miss any good deals!


  • Highly versatile
  • Suitable for any natural wood
  • Produces high-quality meat


  • Sold out often

PIT BOSS PBV3P1 Vertical Pellet Smoker – Most customizable

Few BBQ products can be as adjustable as the PIT BOSS PBV3P1 vertical pellet smoker. The machine comes with a variety of features that help users customize their cooking with ease.

By featuring a digital LED readout, the smoker’s heat intensity is always present to the eyes. This quality makes regulating temperatures easier and allows users more control in cooking. 

In addition to that, the meat probes act as a thermometer to provide extra accuracy in timing. Besides easy customizations, the PIT BOSS PBV3P1 also offers excellent capacity. 

Thanks to a 40+ pounds of hopper capacity, the pellet smoker can be in use for over 24 hours without requiring a refill. 

There is also a fully programmable temperature range from 150 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that you can experiment with any ingredient over a variety of cooking styles. 

The PIT BOSS pellet smoker is also ideal for hosting big BBQ parties. With an expansive cooking space (901 square inches) and four grids, you can cook multiple dishes all at one time. 

Moreover, the pellet smoker can auto-start at 300 watts and automatically shutoff if necessary. Very safe and convenient for big cooking projects!

One drawback of this pellet smoker, however, is its inconsistency in production. Sometimes, the product can come in less-than-ideal condition. If you have any problems, please contact the PIT BOSS hotline for full refunds or replacements. 


  • Easy customization
  • Excellent capacity
  • Ideal for big parties


  • Inconsistency in production 

Pit Boss Grills 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker – Best overall

The PIT BOSS 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker is one of the most well-rounded products in the current market.

Improved from its previous model, this pellet smoker carries some very similar features to the PIT BOSS PBV3B1.

For example, both utilize a digital LED readout to monitor their temperatures and heat intensity more easily. The meat probes also act as a thermometer to provide extra accuracy in timing. All of these add up to allow users more control during use.

Next, just like its previous model, the PIT BOSS 77550 has an excellent cooking capacity. This quality is present in its 40+ pounds hopper storage, enabling usage to last over 24 hours. 

Moreover, the fully programmable temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit means that you can cook any type of food with various styles. 

One distinction between the PIT BOSS 77550 and its previous model is its cooking space and heat deflector. 

It is clear here that this model’s cooking space is much larger and more expansive (1548 square inches). Likewise, there is an additional cooking grid to accommodate this size. 

In addition to that, the smoker comes with a heat deflector to cover the whole cooking space from indirect heating.

This pellet smoker, however, has one disadvantage to acknowledge before buying. It can rust very easily. To avoid this, we recommend regularly taking the product out for maintenance.


  • Well-rounded
  • Upgraded from its previous model (extra cooking space and heat deflector)
  • Excellent cooking capacity


  • Can rust easily

LUSHAZER Outdoor Smoker, BBQ Oven with 2.2lbs Wood Chips – Best for outdoor cooking

Are you looking for some excellent outdoor smokers to host a BBQ party next week? If so, the LUSHAXER pellet smoker might be worth your consideration!

Thanks to its multi-functional design, you can use this product to do almost anything, from smoking pork chops or briskets to light-smoking some fish and sausages. Whatever you want to cook, the LUSHAXER smoker is ready to help. 

The machine comes with multiple convenient features to help you during the cooking process. For example, the thermometer makes the smoker’s temperature presentable.

Thanks to it, you do not have to check the chamber temperature and can entertain your guests or spend more time with your beloved ones while cooking.

The LUSHAXER pellet smoker also carries a suitable size for outdoor use. With 32.6 inches in height and 39370 inches in overall area, the smoker can accommodate a large party while fitting perfectly into your yard.

Finally, it is a highly durable product. With the zinc plating on the rack, fire bowl, and ashtray, this smoker has a high rust resistance. However, in case your smoker rusts, please contact the LUSHAZER hotline for a full warranty.

Unfortunately, there is not a wide range of colors for this product. This feature does not affect the smoker’s performance in any way, but we advise you to keep this in mind before buying.


  • Best for outdoor cooking
  • Include highly convenient cooking features
  • Very durable


  • Lack of colors

Final words

The suggested products above all have the potential to be the best vertical pellet smoker for your patio, garden, or picnic trips. We trust they will help you experiment with a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles. 

However, before buying, make sure to research each product carefully, something our reviews and buying guide will be of help. This way, you can be sure to make the right investment!

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