Top 4 Best Tabletop Grills for Homes With Small Backyards

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Not often that people have the luxury to hold backyard parties or a cookout in the comfort of their own homes. Usually, there isn’t enough space for those activities at all, partially due to the usually heavy-set and imposing cooking accessories that leave little comfort for guests to move around.

But fret not, for this is but a small trouble. There’s a solution for everything including this, and for the serious grillers, it appears in the form of a tabletop grill. These types of grills tend to be overlooked, but in truth they are a great help and addition to your household. They will produce the kind of performance that you need while being compact, helping to save space. 

But first, there are quite a few things that you should note before shopping for tabletop grills. There’s a virtue in researching all the best possible information to get acquainted with the subject, before reaching the final decision. For newcomers and novices, knowing what constitutes the best tabletop grills will only prove beneficial. Here are 5 grills will review in this article:

The best tabletop grills of your own

What is a tabletop grill?

A tabletop grill is basically just a smaller, more compact and portable version of a big standard, conventional grill. It’s pretty straightforward like its name: when used, it can be placed on a small table. This way, you can utilize existing space when using the tabletop grill.

Space for grilling is one of the major factors that any serious griller must consider, either for cooking preparations, setting things up or simply for new purchases of cooking tools. Having the space to move around can do wonders as cooking is just as much physical activity as it is about skills and techniques.

For a while, all that you can get is the standard big grill which would require you to have a lot of space inside your home to set up. But nowadays tabletop grills emerge as great options for homes with limited space.

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The tabletop grill not only fulfills the needs of many for something that’s quality and can fit well in limited backyard space. For families that don’t grill a lot, the tabletop grill can also be a great alternative to conventional grills in that they are cheaper and can deliver just as strong a performance. Yes, their size doesn’t tell us anything about their performance.

Usually, most of us grow up ingrained in the idea that the typical, ideal grill is big and must absolutely be so in order to cook efficiently. But these days, ask any decent grill chef and they will tell you that a small grill like a tabletop grill can do just as well a job and more.

If what you seek is versatility and usability in one piece of cooking equipment, look no further than the tabletop grill. The best tabletop grills on the market will check all of the boxes that you require: they will help you cook a wide variety of tasty, juicy foods while at the same time not taking any space, thereby increasing cooking efficiency even more.

Tabletop grills will use different power sources and depending on your preferences as well as the budget you can employ to choose a different one. Typically liquid propane powered tabletop grills are what most favor, but other variants such as the electric grill or charcoal tabletop grills are also nice alternatives. 

Fuel types

The two main fuel types for tabletop grills are liquid propane and charcoal. Picking between the two fuel types can be a bit tricky, but each will have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Ultimately, different people have different preferences, but it will help to know all the available info before delving into it. This range of tabletop grills with separated power sources will also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

Generally speaking, people love propane tabletop grills much more for their availability and convenience. It’s very easy to use liquid propane tabletop grills as the learning curve isn’t steep. With charcoal grills, you will have to learn about temperature control as well as refueling or starting charcoal grill, which can be more manual work than regulating with a propane grill

Charcoal tabletop grills also take more time to clean thoroughly. Because they use coal, there will be fine ash stagnant after any cooking session. Some charcoal tabletop grills offer an ashtray for easier disposal, but regardless this is an extra step that you don’t have to deal with when using a propane tabletop grill.

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But if liquid propane tabletop grill is used more for convenience, many serious grillers favor charcoal tabletop grills for its taste and powerful heat control and generation when compared to its liquid propane counterparts.

Why have charcoal grills survived the rigorous tests and improvements in cooking technology for millennia? It’s exactly due to the fact that charcoal grills can deliver much better on its results. If you trust in the charcoal tabletop grills, what you get will be the tastiest, most beautiful foods. There are also quite different aftertastes that will present.

Moreover, charcoal tabletop grills can generate heat as high as 1300 to 1400 degrees F, a much higher score than propane grills. This way, for any recipe that requires high temperature such as a quick roast or sear, the charcoal tabletop grills are perfect. 

There really isn’t a wrong choice here. Each type has a case of its own. Charcoal grills will be more inconvenient to use than propane grills, but they excel in producing the best performance once in a rhythm. But inconvenience will be something to overcome especially if you’re not too devoted.

How different is a tabletop grill from a conventional grill?

As have been mentioned, tabletop grills are smaller, more compact versions of the big size grills. They are excellent for limited space while still capable of delivering the performance needed to have a good grilling session. These are their main differences from normal grills.

Besides those aspects, a tabletop grill can be used not unlike any of the big versions. They also employ a heat source using charcoal and liquid propane as the two main types of fuel, as well as a cooking surface large enough for comfortable cooking. 

Tabletop grills are more dedicated to their outer design since that’s what they thrive in. Despite their size, they’re designed to be stable enough that the cooking process is easy and smooth by using a smart elevation system to both keep the grill firm as well as distancing the grill from the table and reducing risks of accidents.

There are more things to know about tabletop grills, but the most important information has been covered to help you discern the strength and benefits of tabletop grills. But it can still be a difficult task to figure out which are the best tabletop grills. We are here exactly to help you with that.

Below are reviews of five of the best tabletop grills that we think are just heads and shoulders above their competition. Each will have strengths, weaknesses and main reasons for choosing so that you will not feel lost at all even if you’re new to grilling.

Reviews of The 4 Best Tabletop Grills 

1. Best Construction: Pit Boss Two-Burner Portable Grill

Pit Boss makes some of the best pellet-style grills and it’s apt that it’s the first one to appear on our list. This is a very, very durable grill and can overcome all obstacles standing in its way.

Specially designed for outdoor usage, this Pit Boss grill is made from 430 stainless steel body and lid construction, with 304 stainless steel grid construction to endure even the most drawn out cooking session.

With its strong construction, it doesn’t sacrifice performance in return. It features two 10.000 BTU burners to deliver great heat generation for both grilling and searing.

Despite its outlook, the Pit Boss grill carries the true essence of a tabletop grill: it’s portable, lightweight and easy to use. You can store it anywhere in your house after the party is over with no effort.

A weakness this tabletop grill has is that its foldable legs are quite unstable, so you should place it on even terrain, otherwise, it might wobble. It’s also a bit harder to clean than other tabletop grills.


  • Extremely strong stainless steel construction
  • Two 10.000 BTUs burners
  • Lightweight and easy to use 
  • Great heat generation


  • Flawed foldable legs
  • Not easy to clean

2. Best 3-Burner: Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

This grill is a very cheap option for a 3-burner tabletop grill while at the same time also the best in this category.

It features three separately controlled burners with 9.000 BTUs each adding up to 27.000 BTUs collectively. This kind of cooking power allows you to achieve even heat distribution very fast, and get everyone’s portion done in no time at all.

There is a cooking area of 316 square inches to help you cook for many people at the same time. The smooth Piezo ignition system also is great to get you started on your process quickly and not make guests wait.

What’s more, any oil residue is collected in an oil disposal cup that comes with the grill, helping you clean it faster and more efficiently.

One caveat with this grill is that it doesn’t get very hot. So although it’s best for use when you need to cook multiple meals at once, it’s not as quality for single meals.


  • Very affordable
  • Three burners for multi-cooking
  • 316 square inches of cooking surface
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Oil disposal cup 
  • 27.000 BTUs with 9.000 BTUs for each burner


  • Doesn’t get as hot as others

3. Best 1-Burner: Masterbuilt SH19030819 Propane Tabletop Grill

This grill from Masterbuilt is the most portable tabletop grill of them all. It’s the quintessential pick for on-the-go grilling.

This single burner tabletop grill has even more limited grilling capacity than other tabletop grills, but this is exactly why it’s loved by many. It’s made for amazing convenience and does this job well.

It takes up limited space but still has 288 sq. inches of total cooking space to provide enough comfort for all types of grilling.

The Masterbuilt has only one burner, but it is a powerful one. The burner is made from stainless steel with 10.000 BTUs and can cook up multiple meals at once efficiently. You won’t see this same kind of performance replicated in any other small models.

As long as you know that what you’re looking for is a single burner tabletop grill, Masterbuilt is a perfect choice.


  • Strong single burner
  • Durable
  • Made for convenience
  • Features locking lid, foldable legs and a front handle
  • Nice cooking surface size


  • Limited grilling capacity with only one burner

4. Best for Versatility: Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ

Because of their smaller sizes, tabletop grills have to amp up their versatility to compensate. This grill from Giantex Propane is one example of that.

First, the grill, although compact, can be used to serve multiple people at once. The grilling surface is large enough that it can be done easily despite limitations.

Second, it can be cleaned very easily and quickly, great for on-the-go grilling. You can bring this bad boy anywhere you want or keep it stationed in the home. There are also foldable legs and lockable lids for even easier transport and storage.

Its two burners allow you to operate two different temperatures, delivering a total of 20.000 BTUs for maximum cooking efficiency. 

All and all, if you require a tabletop grill that is basically the term one-in-all personified, this one from Giantex Propane will surely deliver.


  • High level of BTUs
  • Can be cleaned very fast
  • Large surface 
  • Lockable lids and foldable legs
  • Two burners for two different temperatures


  • Faulty controls with time


No matter what purposes you use a tabletop grill for, be it for camping, picnics or backyard barbecue, any of the five best tabletop grills we’ve listed can help you and more. A tabletop grill can be both your short-term and long-term solution to cooking safely and efficiently.

But if you have to choose, among the five that we’ve listed, the Giantex propane tabletop grill is the one that we like the most. It’s very versatile, which might be the most important thing to note when you shop for tabletop grills, as it makes use of its smaller size to the fullest.

The Giantex grill can serve multiple with its compact size, with two burners for different temperatures. In addition, it’s very easy to clean, has lockable lids and foldable legs so that you can move it or store it anywhere with ease. Everything that you like about gas grills, Giantex will feature it and more.

Besides the reviews, we also additionally provided you with all the necessary info, what you need to know of tabletop grills before purchasing. With thorough context and background, you will be able to make the most educated decision. 

Have the best BBQ party!

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