Top 5 Best Small Propane Grills That Are Worth Buying

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best small propane grill, then we recommend the Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane as the best one.

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Since you are here, you are probably a passionate griller who wants to practice your craft regardless of your home’s modest space. And I am glad to give you the top 4 best small propane grills available on today’s market. 

But before we dive into these products’ reviews, take a look at the following section to first familiarize yourself with a propane grill. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Should You Grill Or Not? Is It Possible To Have A BBQ In A Modest Space?

Well, before getting far into today’s post, let’s stop and think about the reality of the situation. Are there regulations or bylaws in your neighborhood or building complex you need to take into consideration before getting a grill? 

Several municipalities come with strict regulations about the space you might use a barbecue. For instance, many places ban barbecues on the wooden decks. Meanwhile, others demand you to keep a safe distance from the closest structure. 

To ensure it is ok for you to have a grill, you should consult your municipality. In case you are renting, you could ask your landlord to find out what is allowed. Safety is the priority when it comes to grill in a modest space. 

Remember to take the regulations or rules seriously. Many avoidable fires are caused every year by those who barbecue where they are not allowed to.

Buying Guide: What To Look For When Seeking The Best Small Propane Grills?

So, how to choose a suitable small gas grill for you? Well, there are a bunch of opinions and features on today’s gas grills, leaving you confused with the sea of choices.

To make everything much easier for you, I have made a shortlist of the key factors you should consider before making any purchase decision for a small gas grill.


The reason you are reading this article is you need a gas grill that occupies a modest space. So the size does matter. 

Make sure that you get the area of the space where you put the grill well. By doing so, your soon-to-be grill still ensures you some “breathing” room while BBQ-ing. The more space you have, the larger the grill you can acquire.


Do you need to move your gas grill? A host of small grills are designed to be significantly portable. Meanwhile, some are made for sitting solely on the patio, and some are versatile enough to tag along with you to any  camping or picnic trip.

Whether you want to move the grill to the storage or around your space, you should put the grill’s portability in question before making the final decision.

Cooking space

The cooking area is also as critical as the above factors when you look for a small gas grill. Several grills seem big on the outside, but their cooking surface areas are anticlimactic when opened up.

electric grill

How you tend to use your grill definitely plays a role in determining its size. If you regularly cook for only 1-2 persons, a small cooking surface area suffices. That said, if you entertain frequently, you should seek a grill with wider cooking space, suiting your crowd’s size.

Heating distribution

The efficiency of heat distribution will guarantee your foods are evenly cooked from one side of the grill to the other side. You know, every gas grill has several imperfections in the heat distribution. 

Seek those having good reviews on this element. 


Undoubtedly, we consider the cost when buying every product. Just like other items, small propane grills come in a range of prices. 

thinking about money

Also, it would help to think about how often you are going to have a barbecue, as the cost per use decreases if often used.

Build quality

A great grill is cool, but it is no longer ideal if it falls apart after several uses or becomes rusted after a rainstorm. That’s why you had better go for a well-built grill. 

And in case you want to use it outside, rust-resistant gas grills are must-have. You shouldn’t expect the grill to hold up against unreasonable abuse such as the temperature, accidents, yet it should not fall apart after being opened up.

Here are some questions to consider: 

  • How regularly do you grill? 
  • What type of environmental/weather conditions is your grill exposed to?
  • Where are you going to store it?


You might not think of this factor when looking for the best portable gas grill, but there are several accessories you might need. 

For example, it would be better to have a sturdy stand, a temperature gauge, and hooks for the grill tools. They are some standards, and most grills will boast these basics.

Comprehensive Reviews Of Top 5 Best Small Propane Grills 

#1 Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane – Best for design

This gas grill amazed me with its outstanding performance and its classy design. It is safe to say this is the perfect choice for your grill demand. It combines high performance, ease of cleaning, and great appearance. 

The grill boasts 8,000 BTUs of cooking power. Accordingly, you will get a bunch of heat to grill every favorite food. Once the meal is done, you can simply put the rack in the dishwasher or easily clean it by hand. I am also impressed with this option as I could install it with a breeze. I remember spending less than 10 minutes without any tool assembling everything.

Also, it relies on one-pound propane gas tanks; full-sized propane gas versions are now history. Well, it is the best choice for portability, in my mind. More importantly, the grill also boasts porcelain-coated steel grates for even heat distribution.

Lastly, what makes it an ideal option to choose is its affordable price and compact design. You could get this grill and bring it wherever you like.

That said, this product has one downside for me. I found this grill to be not as durable and sturdy as other options on the list. 


  • Affordable price
  • Classy and compact design
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • One-pound propane tank


  • Lower durability and sturdiness

#2 Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Tru Infrared Cooking Propane Grill – Best for Flavor

Does the yummy smoky flavor that conventional grills are famous for tempt you? 

A bunch of grills on the current market provide rather bland outcomes. But don’t worry, it isn’t the case for this grill. It is made to offer a perfect balance between flavor and convenience. 

I do like its spacious side tables of 240 square inches of cooking surface area. Accordingly, you are definitely to appreciate the big side tables built into its design. 

The side tables are big and robust to offer the extra space you need. Thus, your food preparation and serving is surely fast, easy, and convenient.

I highly appreciate that whichever dish I want to make, I can rest assured that the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200’s cooking system grills my food fast, easily, and most importantly, evenly with no risk of flare-ups. From cooking thick steaks to charring red peppers, no task is difficult for this grill.

But it would be better if this grill’s steel lid comes with a handle. I found it is slightly tricky to remove, particularly when it’s hot.


  • Cooking space of 240 square inches
  • Modern and fast system
  • Good performance, offering the perfect balance between flavor and convenience


  • No handle on the lid

#3 Char-Broil Portable 240 B01KJGBC6A Gas Grill – Best For Durability

With its stylish design, it’s clear that the Classic 240 means business. This grill possesses 2 burners made of stainless steel with significantly powerful  9,500 BTUs.

Plus, its grates are porcelain coated and resistant to rust, along with a sturdy drip tray, making them greatly easy to clean and highly durable. Also, they offer you a big and versatile 240 square inches of cooking surface area. You could, in fact, cook up to 12 big and juicy burgers simultaneously.

What this portable grill impressed me is that I could use its side burners to prepare my side dishes. There are other shelves on either side of the grill for all prepared ingredients. 

This machine also distinguishes itself from other options with its set of wheels. Accordingly, moving the grill into desired positions is as easy as a piece of cake.

Besides, you would find it easy to fire your grill up, thanks to its piezo push-button ignition system. How exhilarating is it to fire up the grill at a single press of a button? 

Still, I do have some complaints. First, it doesn’t feature a lid or thermometer, resulting in longer cooking time. Also, its side shelves don’t fold down, so this grill is slightly on the bulky side. 


  • Porcelain-coated grates
  • Piezo electronic ignition system
  • Side preparation stations
  • 240 square inches of cooking surface
  • 2 burners made of stainless steel


  • No lid or temperature gauge
  • Non-foldable side shelves

#4 Weber 50060001 Q1000 Grill – Best for Versatility

Well, this Weber 50060001 Q1000 Grill feels quite familiar, and it is just what I was seeking. The grill is easy to utilize, and it offers a decent cooking surface area, enough for my family and friends as well. 

If you enjoy grilled food while traveling or being on outdoor camping trips, road trips, and picnics, this Weber grill is the right choice for you. 

It is designed to be highly portable and versatile. You could easily bring it wherever you like. 

The Weber grill gives you freedom regarding grilling food. You could pack it up, bring it to any spot, and prepare yummy food for 4-6 persons simultaneously. Although it is compact, it still offers a decent cooking space, as I mentioned above. 

Its 8,500 BTU burner sounds like it is not powerful, yet it is more than what a portable gas grill needs. The Weber Q1000 could cook veggies and meat in no time. Plus, its lid will keep the food’s moisture and flavor when it cooks your foods.

It also outweighs other rivals with its durable overall construction. Its lid is made of cast aluminum. 

And it comes with a nice handle for easy opening and closing, along with the porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates. Also, the manufacturer reinforced its robust frame with nylon. 

Furthermore, you could find the grill’s temperature control knob on the right, letting you easily adjust the flame size. You could also turn the grill up and down based on what you are cooking. And don’t worry, its temperature control is definitely sufficient. 

The only drawback of this Weber propane gas grill is that it is not for everybody’s taste. The flavor of this grill’s final results is not as great as those of products mentioned above.


  • High portability and versatility 
  • Decent cooking surface area
  • Cast iron grates
  • Durable overall construction
  • Temperature control knob available


  • Not for everybody’s taste

Final Thoughts

So you have gone through our top best small propane grill. These options could meet your demands of decent grilling in a modest space or when you are traveling or on a road trip. 

If you already have a dream product in mind, I hope you would have the best grill experience. If not, you could consider my top pick – the Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane

Not only does it meet the key factors required in an ideal tabletop gas grill, such as size, budget, cooking space, portability, build quality, and heating distribution, but it also boasts a classy design, adding a modern and beautiful touch to your space.

Anyway, do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions or feedback on any of the grills; I am all ears. Thank you for reading.

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