Best Propane Grill Under 300 – Buying Guide With Recommendations

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best propane grills under 300, then we recommend the Char-Broil 463673519 as the best one.

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Are you looking to get the best propane grill under 300? If the answer is yes, we are sure that you must be trying quite hard to buy such a good yet cheap propane grill to help with your hobby. 

However, something that is both affordable and high-quality is hard to find, so we want to make things easier by introducing you to some recommendations. Here are 5 grills we will review:

How To Pick The Best Propane Grill Under 300

Before you can start evaluating the options that we will present, we want you to become familiar with the most vital aspects of a good propane grill first.

The Cost Aspect

There is just no way that we skip the cost aspect when selecting a grill, as there are just too many options. In general, a propane grill can cost you anywhere between 100 and 6000 dollars. Naturally, the amount you spend will depend on the budget available and the plan you have for your soon-to-be grill.

For instance, an inexpensive, small, bottom-of-the-line propane gas grill is more than enough for families that only do some small grilling with chicken thighs or burgers once in a blue moon during summer.

thinking about money

On the other hand, those who enjoy outdoor grilling will surely be more satisfied with a top-of-the-line, cutting-edge gas grill with many additional features.

As you are just starting on your grilling journey, something like a 6000-dollar grill unit is surely an overkill. Nonetheless, a 100-dollar gas grill is also out of the question, as these tend to have some issues. For example, some of them have uneven heating, while others are not even safe for operation.

The Construction Of The Gas Grill

For the most part, you will see either cast aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and sheet steel as the main material for a propane gas grill. The simple reason for this phenomenon is that these materials are incredibly good at retaining heat while keeping it cool to the touch. Due to this, you can let the fire run wild without worrying about potential injuries.

Each of these gas grill materials has its own pros and cons. For instance, cast aluminum gas grills will never rust, but they tend to discolor after some time. On the contrary, cast iron grills will certainly rust without good paints, but they are incredibly durable.

Furthermore, the cover of a propane gas grill should be made from the same material as its body. Of course, the handles need to be different, preferably from either wood or some heat-resistant materials, as they are the parts your hands will contact directly. At the end of the day, none of us want to suffer a burn, right?

There are also two options for build type, namely integrated and free-standing. More specifically, you will build integrated propane grills right into an outdoor counter or kitchen island. 

The Size

The size of a propane gas grill is usually measured in square inches, but it does not represent the grill’s actual size. Instead, when we say “size,” we mean the size of the grill’s actual available cooking area.

When you decide on the size of your propane grill, here is a rule of thumb that can help out. From our experience, approximately every 100 square inches cooking area is enough to serve one person. As a result, when you see something like a 360 square inches gas grill, you will know that it can barely serve four people at a time.

Obviously, some of us will find this method a little bit confusing, so we suggest another way to figure out a propane grill’s capacity, the burner number. The more burners there are in your gas grill, the larger its capacity is. Also, more burners will lead to a more even distribution of heat.

Nevertheless, if you have too many burners, there will be quite a high fuel consumption each time you start your grill. For this reason, household gas grills tend to have anywhere between one and four burners.

The Heat Capacity

At the end of the day, grilling  uses of fire to attain and maintain the Maillard reaction. Consequently, there is just no way that we can overlook the capability of a gas grill when it comes to heat output. In most cases, we look for the BTU value when choosing a suitable grill to know just how potent its fire can be.

BTU is the shortened version of British Thermal Units, which signifies the energy necessary to cool or heat up 1 pound of water by one Fahrenheit degree. Generally, what you want is about 100 BTUs for each square inch cooking area. In other words, a gas grill of 300 square inches needs to be able to attain at least 30000 BTUs.

The Best Propane Grills Under 300

Char-Broil Liquid Propane Grill Gas Grill – Best Premium Option

With just one look at the Char-Broil Liquid Propane Gas Grill, you will understand why we recommend it as the best premium option on this list. Thanks to its exclusive finish of stainless

Furthermore, the Char-Broil Liquid Propane grill has 425 square inches  available cooking surface, so by the rule of thumb, we know it can serve at least four people with no difficulty. 

Besides, there are a total of four available burners on this grill, you will never have to worry about uneven heat distribution.

Each of these four burners is capable of going up to 36000 BTUs, providing more than enough heat to grill not only your regular hotdogs, burgers, chicken thighs but also sear steaks. With this kind of heat, it is no wonder the manufacturer saw a need for the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, as they can heat more evenly.

Naturally, as it is the best premium gas grill on this list, the first con is none other than the cost. Also, shelves’ design leaves a lot of room for improvement, as they are quite flimsy.


  • Luxurious stainless steel finish
  • Large cooking area
  • High heat capacity


  • Costly
  • Flimsy shelves

Char-Broil Classic 360 Gas Grill – Best For Outdoor

Right at first glance, you will notice that the Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill is the complete opposite of the Char-Broil 463377319 propane grill. If the latter focused on the luxurious user experiences, the former represents sturdiness and efficiency, demonstrated clearly with its black, weather-resistant paint layer.

To add to this sturdiness, the firebox and the grill lid are made of steel with a porcelain coating. Due to this design choice, the Char-Broil Classic 360 can withstand even the toughest of weather phenomena. Thus, we recommend it as the best option for people looking to enjoy grilling outside.

Of course, as it does not have any kitchen wall protection, there is no way this propane grill can have as much cooking area as the previous option. In fact, it only has 360 square inches of primary cooking space. But the burners can go up to 30000 BTUs, giving its cooking area much more even heating. Also, the assembling process is quite complicated.


  • Sturdy
  • Resistant to tough weather
  • Porcelain-coated grates


  • Less cooking area
  • Complicated assembling process

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 – Best Portable Grill

If you are someone who wants to enjoy a good gas grilling experience on the go, the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Propane Gas Grill is the best choice. You see, this propane grill has a high-impact frame with side-carrying handles and legs, so you can simply pick it up, tuck it into your car’s trunk and start driving to a beach, a mountain, etc.

As you aim for a quick picnic-style grilling experience, we are confident that you will appreciate the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared tech. With this tech, the special stainless steel grilling grates will spread the heat evenly across the primary cooking area. Also, they create a barrier separating the flame and the food; flare-ups will never happen.

Furthermore, the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 propane gas grill utilizes the famous Piezo ignition system. As a result, users can easily start the fire with one single push on the power button. This function is extremely convenient when you are on the beach or anywhere hard to start a fire.

Nevertheless, there are still things that we hope Char-Broil can improve. For example, the reliance on a control valve significantly reduces this propane grill’s score, as there is no way you can go down 450 degrees without a valve’s help.


  • Remarkably portable
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to start


  • Too reliant on control valves

Pit Boss Grills 75275 Grill – Best Budget Option

Many people were surprised to see the Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Portable Grill as our recommendation for people on a budget. After all, its sleek stainless steel finish and stylish paint job did an impressive job convincing them otherwise.

However, that is not to say this propane grill is all look and no bite. Instead, it has some of the best features, like the two 10,000 BTU burners, which can spread the heat evenly across 276 square inches of primary cooking surface. The latching hood, folding legs, and compact design mean it can accompany you to practically anywhere.

Furthermore, this grill utilizes a push-and-turn system of ignition, so starting it will never be a challenge. If you are not sure how strong you should turn the knob, there is a dome thermometer to tell you the exact figure.

However, we are not satisfied with the ignition knob’s quality. To be precise, this knob can easily tear if you accidentally put in too much force while pressing and rotating.


  • Stylish paint job
  • High capacity burners
  • Large cooking area for the size
  • Compact design


  • Unstable ignition knob

Char-Broil 463673519 Gas Grill – Best For Small Families

As it is only a 2-burner cabinet propane gas grill, the Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series does its job best when it serves a maximum of three people. With the burners’ heat capacity of 24000 BTU, this propane grill is more than capable of heating its 300-square-inch cooking space thoroughly, cooking, and searing any kind of meat.

That’s not all; these burners are made of stainless steel, meaning they are extremely durable and capable of substantial heat retention. They are also top-ported, so you can have a much wider range of temperatures that you can precisely control.

Furthermore, the Char-Broil 463673519 features an electronic ignition system, making starting fire incredibly reliable and fast. All in all, you only need to push and turn the ignition knob, and the fire will be started.

Moreover, there is a huge assortment of additional features, such as two metal side shelves, a 100 square inches warming swing-away rack, and a convenient storage cabinet that will hide your propane tank.

This grill, however, has a drawback since its cast iron grates can easily stick to the meat. Hence, we recommend cooking something with lots of fat right away to cure these cooking grates.


  • High heat capacity
  • Durable burners
  • Great heat retention
  • Reliable ignition system


  • Sticky grates


After reading through our article, we hope that you can now determine which aspect of a gas grill is the most vital for your own situation. For instance, if you want to cook for many people, the size and ability to distribute heat evenly is unarguably the most important. On the other hand, the construction is something we all need to pay attention to.

If you are still uncertain about which of the best propane grill under 300 to pick, we recommend getting the Char-Broil 463673519 to test things out. At the end of the day, this propane grill has many additional features that you can play around with and significantly boost your grilling know-how over time.

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