The Best Portable Gas Grill For Tailgating – How To Buy

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best portable gas grill for tailgating, then we recommend the Char Broil Grill2Go Liquid Propane Gas Grill X200 12401734 as the best one.

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Grilling at the back of the car has not stopped being a trend! Nowadays, more and more people, especially young adults, look for the best portable gas grill for tailgating. 

This machine is not only light to carry but also compact enough to place in your vehicle’s trunk. Of course, the efficiency is still very high!

If you are looking for a good portable tailgating gas grill, this article is for you! Here, I’m glad to share the 4 best grills for tailgating and techniques to pick them with you! So, slide down and have a look!

How to choose the best portable gas grill for tailgating?

Because portable tailgate grills are a special type of original BBQ gas cookers, they will have several different but essential features. Hence I highly recommend bearing in mind all of those features when buying to get the best portable gas grill for tailgating.


As a portable appliance, the gas grill should not be heavy. Instead, it should be light enough for a person to carry it around easily. Remember that tailgating grill is a quick and fun outdoor cooking activity but you will need to bring the appliance up and down from your vehicle often.

The suitable light weight for a portable gas grill should be around 50 – 60 pounds, including all parts and equipment. When buying, you should read the specifications or ask the seller to get the grill’s exact weight.


Who says that size does not matter? There are large portable gas grills that you can place in your garden. But there are also compact ones to put in the vehicle’s trunk. You require a gas grill for tailgating, right? Don’t get a product that is too big in this case!

Depending on how big your car is, you will choose the perfect size of grill accordingly. The grill that takes not more than the trunk’s half capacity is a great option!

Never pick one that fits the trunk to a tee because you still need some extra space to place other pieces of equipment, such as plates, food, wines, etc.


Compact size does not mean less durability! No person wants to buy a machine that can work several times, then requires repair of replacement! It is a terrible scenario for your wallet and worse, for the environment! Therefore, it’s important to consider the grill’s material.

Metal or stainless steel are the 2 best materials to construct a gas grill. These metallic materials are very powerful to withstand physical impacts and remain untouched in any weather condition. 

On the other hand, metal and stainless steel can resist rusting well. They will definitely protect the gas grill, ensuring it will serve you for a long period!

Precautions for grilling at a tailgate

Just like everything else, there are common yet avoidable mistakes tailgating that potentially ruin your grilling experience if you are a total novice to this matter.

Thus in this section, I will list some regular mistakes and carefully guide you to avoid them!

Use too much fluid for lighter

People tend to add a lot of lighter fluid into the charcoal grill to heat it up faster. I understand that it’s extremely difficult to resist and take things slow with a tempting BBQ but rushing does not make things better!

The truth is adding too much lighter fluid may cause quick-flying fireballs, easily resulting in flame hazards that may scorch your fingers and eyebrows.

Use a big grill on a small trunk

A big grill like flat top grills is not suitable to place in a small vehicle’s trunk, as I said above. When you cook the meat, the flames will rise. As a consequence, the fire may reach other parts of the vehicle. 

Although the fire is not strong enough to damage your car, it can still leave unpleasant flaws on the car’s interior or the paint coat.

Pay no attention to the grill

Tailgating is fun! But sometimes you may forget to notice the grill because of the surrounding entertainment. 

Remember that the fire can rise anytime. Without attention, the fire can over burn the meat. In the worst case, it can damage your vehicle’s trunk, even more scary, your vehicle itself.

Burn Meat
You don’t want this!!!

 Do not wash hands before grilling

After opening the trunk and setting up the grill, you should wash your hands! You drive the car every day, on both sunny and rainy days. It is needless to say that the car’s trunk can be very dirty! Since you touch the trunk, the grease and dirt may stick to your hands.

Drink too much alcohol

It is unarguably hard to control your actions under the influence but at the same time, it is not easy to decline one or two extra cups of booze from your buddies. And this problem is one of the reasons that lead to tailgating incidents. 

Hence always know your limit! Tailgating grilling is a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family, not a drinking competition! 

Top rated best portable tailgating gas grills

I have tried plenty of portable tailgating gas grills on the market. But overall, only the 3 products listed below have pleased me. Take a look at my reviews of them, and you will understand why those grills have gained my trust.

#1: NOMADIQ Propane Gas Grill 762253914873 – Best For Large Cooking Surface

If you have a big vehicle, the NOMADIQ 762253914873 will be my recommendation for you. With a large cooking space and dual burners, the gas grill can help you cook food quickly for a large crowd!

This appliance never ceases to impress me with its generous cooking space. Believe it or not, the NOMADIQ 762253914873 can provide up to 226 square inches of grates for you to grill meat!

Despite the large cooking space, the portable grill won’t take much space in your car trunk, thanks to its foldability! Every time you want to grill, divide the machine into 2 separate parts.

The cool thing is, there are burners for every part, meaning you can grill the meat on one side and use the other part to display cooked food. Very convenient, isn’t it?

The problem appears when I try to connect the machine to an RV propane supply. I don’t understand why the grill does not allow me to eject the Y splitter’s regulator. It will be much better if the NOMADIQ can fix this issue.


  • Large cooking surface of 226 square inches
  • Fold out side tables
  • 2 efficient independent burners
  • Easy heat control
  • Quick closing and opening


  • Expensive grill
  • No RV propane adapter hose support.

#2: Char Broil Grill2Go Liquid Propane Gas Grill X200 12401734 – Best For Flame-up Prevention

When I was a beginner at tailgate grilling, flame rise was a big challenge for me. However, I have found this Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 12401734 – the product can prevent all possible flare-ups!

The Grill2Go X200 is built with the TRU-INfrared technology to create even heat on the grilling surface. As there is no uneven heat, no flame can rise out of a sudden and cause hazards while cooking.

Besides, the product offers an aluminum box to cover the surface entirely. By using this box, the flame can reach the maximal heat without damaging your trunk as it blocks all the fire from spreading outside.

Do not worry about overburning your meat! Although you cover the grilling grates with this cast aluminum, the temperature will still be under your control! There is a heat gauge equipped on top of the grill cover, telling you whether the heat is too high or too low.

Never forget to clean the cooking grates after completing the grilling. Otherwise, the grill will release a lot of black smoke the next time you use it!

If this happens, I don’t advise you to eat the grilled food! The smoke may affect the meat’s quality, leading to harmful health issues!


  • High cooking power
  • Flame rise prevention
  • Durable construction
  • Aluminum grill box
  • Aluminum legs
  • Built in thermometer for temperature control


  • Releasing bad black smoke when grilling grate is not cleaned properly
  • Difficulty in cleaning the cooking grates.

#3: Char-Broil Liquid Propane Gas Grill 17402049 – Best For System

One more time, a Char-Broil portable grill – the Portable 17402049 model has impressed me with its system!

The system lets you connect the grill to a 1-pound propane tank with ease. What you need to do is find the plug-in area on one of the appliance’s sides and install the fuel tank to it! When the work is completed, you are ready to start your tailgating party!

Not every appliance has an electronic ignition to support fast-starting! Luckily, the Char-Broil Portable 17402049 does the job! You only need to tap the start button once. The matchless ignition system will get the grill working after a few seconds!

On the downside, the 17402049 model of Char-Broil does not support small car trunks. Its large dimension of 16.2 x 24.8 x 13.3 inches seems to be much bigger than other previous products. If you have a small vehicle, consider it carefully before buying! 


  • Ease in connecting to fuel source
  • Piezo electric ignition system
  • Sturdy construction of legs
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge


  • No small vehicle support
  • No inclusive propane tank.


Among the above 5 products, I always have the best cooking experience with the Char Broil Grill2Go Liquid Propane Gas Grill X200 12401734 . This gas grill with a portable design has all the essential features that bring convenience for me to enjoy my tailgating BBQ party.

How about you? What is your best portable gas grill for tailgating? Overall, all of my 5 suggestions are worth a try! Each one has its speciality! Just consider and get one that meets your needs! Hopefully, the gas grill that you choose will serve you at best!

And now, we will close our article here. Many thanks for reading, and see you again at the next posts!

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