About Me

Hi, my name is Roger Lee, or Rogie (as my family calls me). I am a 30-year-old man living with my wife Racheal and my two children in Seattle. 

Considering my nationality, I am a half-breed- half Chinese and half Russian, but I was born and raised in Asian. That is because my mother’s nationality is Russian, and she married my father, a Chinese. 

My biggest hobby is to put away my laptop and work at the weekend to spend some quality time with my family. We often hang out or cook delicious dishes together at home. 

Besides, since my family moved to America, I also developed a love for open-air cuisine. I enjoy the combination of wind, fresh air, and delicious food.

In the daytime, I work at a marketing agency that specializes in designing banners, covers, and other services. Apart from cooking, art and painting are my other interests. Therefore, when I was at university, I chose graphic design as my major.  

It is truly an engaging yet time-consuming job, but I still cannot give up on my food dream. Therefore, with the support and encouragement from my wife, this website came to life.

I opened up this site in 2020 to share about my passion, delicious recipes, useful cooking tips and tricks with food lovers around the world.

roger lee

"Food is the best medicine for your soul"

Story of inspiration

Speaking of where I got my inspiration from, I would say it mostly came from my grandfather. He and his wife used to own a small restaurant in Shanghai. 

It was not the kind of modern and air-conditioned restaurant which you normally see nowadays. We used our own house as a place for the guests to enjoy their meals, while the cooking area was set on the pavement.

Our main menu was all about Chinese food, especially Shanghai’s cuisine. My grandfather was the head cook while my parents were the helpers. In case you’re wondering where my grandmother was, right? She was our accountant, who was in charge of all the money.

Our small stall was super crowded in the day, so I had to help out at such a young age. Consequently, I could expose myself to outdoor cooking, which has developed my love for food. 

At first, I had no interest in outdoor cooking when seeing my grandpa cooking under the crazily hot summer days! However, later on, he was also the one who lit up the “fire” and passion for food in me.

He taught me how to cook the food step by step and showed me how to control the heat while cooking outdoors. Without a doubt, my grandpa is the one that led me to the culinary world – a world full of magic, creativity, and love.

I remembered that he taught me all about his secret recipes when I was 17. Still, I would consider myself an amateur cook since I did not have opportunities to experience other cuisines. To widen my culinary knowledge,  I started taking some cooking courses several years later. 

Through learning, I realized that my passion for food grew bigger and bigger everyday. I became curious about other things related to food, so I began digging deeper into cooking books to gain an in-depth knowledge into the culinary world.

Last Words

Well, that is all about me, my story, and why I started doing this website. I would love you guys to visit and share your love for food, mouth-watering recipes, cooking tips, and tricks with me. 

You can find all my instructions in the recipes section. If you go after some tips and tricks, it will be the one next to the recipes. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you, and welcome to my world!